Questar Capital Accused Of REIT Misconduct

Lawyer for Negligent Retirement Planning

Miaojun Yuan of City of Industry California a stockbroker formerly employed by Questar Capital Corporation is the subject of a customer initiated investment related complaint on July 15, 2019 where the customer sought damages estimated to exceed $5,000.00 supported by accusations that from 2014 to 2016, the customer had been placed into real estate securities which failed to be suitable given the customer’s investment objectives or risk tolerance and (2) the customer sustained unwarranted investment losses on the speculative and risky real estate transactions Yuan effected when he was associated with Questar Capital Corporation.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) reveals that this is not the first time that Yuan has been subject of a dispute from a customer of his. Particularly, a customer filed an investment related arbitration claim involving Yuan’s activities in which the customer requested damages estimated to exceed $5,000.00 founded on allegations that when Yuan had been employed by Questar Capital Corporation, he sold or advised the customer to buy unsuitable fixed index universal life insurance products as well as a real estate security; and Yuan made false or misleading statements to the customer concerning the terms, conditions or risks of those investments. FINRA Arbitration No. 19-01894 (July 8, 2019).

Yuan’s employment with Questar Capital Corporation has been terminated as of March 1, 2019. Since then, he has been registered with Woodbury Financial Services Inc.