Victim of investment fraud and need an attorney?

An investment fraud attorney or stockbroker fraud lawyer can recover your investment Losses. If you have suffered damages as a result of stockbroker fraud, unsuitable or negligent investment advice, the sale of defective investments, self-dealing, theft, or other wrongful conduct, you may have a claim against your stockbroker or investment professional and their firm. Victims of investment and securities fraud may recover their damages with an attorney through securities arbitration.

Investors have a right to the truth. Both novice and highly sophisticated investors have a right to to rely upon the investment advice of their stockbroker or investment professional and to believe that investment advice rendered by these professionals is not the product of negligence or tainted by financial self interest.

The Need for a Securities Fraud Attorney

The federal securities laws require the full and fair disclosure of all material facts in connection with the sale of securities. Stockbrokers and the brokerage firms with whom they are associated, have a special duty not only conduct meaningful due diligence with respect to the securities sold by them, but to also to only recommend those securities to investors that are financially capable or suitable to undertake such risks.

However, this is not always the case, so a investment or stockbroker fraud attorney may be required. Investors are sometimes provided false promises and need a lawyer. Sometimes investors make life changing decisions based upon these false promises. The material risks associated with a particular security or a particular investment strategy are sometimes never even partially disclosed. Many stockbrokers and investment professionals do not fully understand many of the complex investment products that they recommend. Instead of being trained about a particular product, and its potential risks, they are only trained or told how to sell a particular product. Often these recommendations are in the best financial interest of the stockbroker and the brokerage firm and are not necessarily in the best interest of the customer.

Securities Fraud is Numerous

Brokerage firms also have a duty to supervise the activities of their registered representatives, to safeguard customer accounts from most often their own brokers, and to prevent fraud and the sale of unapproved investments to customers. Sometimes brokerage firms fail to supervise the activities of their geographically dispersed “independent” branch offices and to also fail to provide any on-site supervision of the registered representatives at these offices. As a result, sometimes customers fall prey to the sale of outside investments, promissory notes, off-shore investments and classic Ponzi schemes.

Boiler rooms, and high pressure securities cold callers persist even today, except they no longer promote low priced penny stocks, now they sell thinly traded high-risk municipal bonds with tremendous mark-ups and undisclosed profits. Others sell variable annuities. The Large national and international securities firms continue underwrite and to promote their own bond funds and “money market” funds containing securities that no one else would buy, costing unsuspecting investors billions. Structured products are sometimes manufactured with only the intent to pass along risk and generating fees.

Hedge funds and hedge fund fraud continue to abound. Private investments, sold as alternative investments, and now included in alternative mutual funds, when not subject to outright theft, cost investors billions as a result of misrepresentation, objective “drift,” negligence, and self-dealing. Often these entities are insolvent. Sometimes their principals are incarcerated, but responsibility may rest with person or entity recommending or helping sell these funds, their lack of due diligence, and breach of fiduciary responsibilities.

Often the lines are blurred, at least from the consumer investor’s prospective, as to whether their investment professional is acting as a registered representative, an investment advisor, or other fiduciary capacity, and who are the potentially responsible parties, and where they may be sued to recover your losses. That is why the experience of an investment fraud attorney matters.

Securities Fraud Attorney Experience Matters

Wall Street hires the best lawyers. Choosing the right lawyer and choosing the right law firm is very important. Experience counts. Within the last 20 years, we have successfully represented more than 1,000 clients, institutions, pension funds, trusts, and individuals from all walks of life, from celebrities to early retirees, from cosmologists to cosmonauts, nationally from 38 states, and internationally from many foreign countries. We work on very large cases and very small cases. What is important to us is your case. Our practice is limited to the litigation of securities related matters. That is all we do, and that it all we have ever done. We offer experience, aggressive representation, and deliver the highest work product and quality legal services to our clients. Our reputation is important. That is who we are and that is what we are known for.

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If you believe you may have been the victim of securities fraud, the provision of defective investment advise, or sale of defective financial products, or other wrongful conduct by your stockbroker or investment firm, contact an highly experienced investment fraud attorney for a free, confidential, no obligation evaluation of your claims and whether we can assist you in helping recover your investment losses. We offer our services exclusively on a contingent fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing, unless we are able to make a recovery for you. If you would like a securities fraud attorney to review the specific facts in your case, contact us or call an investment fraud attorney at (877) 732‑2889 for a free, no obligation evaluation of your claims by a lawyer. All inquires are confidential.

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