FINRA Investigates J.D. Darbie Stockbroker For Conversion

Investment Fraud

Oscar Nunez of New York New York a stockbroker formerly employed by J.H. Darbie Co. Inc. is the subject of a FINRA Investigation in which FINRA determined that disciplinary action should be taken by FINRA Department of Enforcement against Nunez founded on accusations of (1) Nunez taking a loan from a customer (2) Nunez falsifying information to FINRA about the customer loan and (3) Nunez converting a customer’s funds. FINRA Investigation No. 20170555530 (Dec. 27, 2018).

According to FINRA Public Disclosure, FINRA suspects Nunez’s alleged falsification of information concerning his acceptance of a customer’s funds is violative of FINRA Rules 2010 and 8210; his conversion of the customer’s funds is violative of FINRA Rules 2010 and 2150; and his customer loan arrangement is violative of FINRA Rules 2010 and 3240.

FINRA Public Disclosure reveals that Nunez was previously suspended by FINRA in all capacities based on allegations that Nunez failed to cooperate with FINRA’s request for information pertaining to his business activities. Case No. 201705553001 (Nov. 24, 2017). Apparently, Nunez was suspended by FINRA under Rule 9552 for failing to cooperate. Nunez was reportedly expected to be barred by February 2, 2018 if he did not cooperate with FINRA’s requests. However, Nunez ultimately provided the requested information to FINRA by January 11, 2018, ending the suspension.

Nunez was terminated by J.H. Darbie Co. Inc. based upon accusations of him violating the firm’s policies by taking funds from a customer. Nunez has been associated with at least four different securities broker dealers (Obsidian Financial Group, LLC; Legend Securities Inc.; Blackbook Capital LLC; and Meyers Associates LP) who have been expelled by securities regulators for violation of federal securities laws or are otherwise defunct.