J.P. Morgan Stockbroker Barred In Forgery Investgation

Adrienne Jaime Mak of Hacienda Heights California a stockbroker formerly registered with J.P. Morgan Securities LLC has been charged in a Complaint by Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Department of Enforcement who alleges that Mak failed to cooperate with FINRA’s information and documentation requests during the time that she was under investigation for allegedly violating the securities broker dealer’s policy and forging a customer’s signature on account documentation. Department of Enforcement v. Adrienne Jaime Mak Disciplinary Proceeding No. 2018058657802 (May 20, 2020).

According to the Complaint, Mak became the subject of an investigation following her termination from J.P. Morgan Securities. FINRA Public Disclosure reveals that she was terminated by the securities broker dealer based upon allegations that she failed to conform to the policies of the firm and had added a customer’s initials to documents in order to effect an investment switch.

The Complaint stated that Mak failed to provide a response to FINRA’s September 2018 inquiry. On October 8, 2018, Mak was sent a notification from Department of Enforcement which indicated that she was going to be suspended in all capacities if she did not furnish a response. By November 5, 2018, Mak was allegedly sent a notification of her suspension and had been warned that she could be further sanctioned after January 14, 2019 if she did not seek the termination of her suspension. FINRA noted that Mak would only be relieved of the suspension if she fully complied with its request.

The Complaint stated that FINRA received a request from Mak to terminate the suspension even though Mak had not compiled with the regulator as required under FINRA Rule 8210. FINRA indicated that Mak’s failure to provide the requested information precluded it from determining whether she used unauthorized communication devices to correspond with customers or had engaged in forgery. FINRA Department of Enforcement alleges that Mak’s conduct is violative of FINRA Rules 2010 and 8210.

Mak’s registration with J.P. Morgan Securities has been terminated as of May 25, 2018.